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Photo of Nadia Ivanchikov
Nadia Ivanchikov is a homeschooling facilitator and a proud mother of three home-educated children: George (14), Sofia (12), David (9), and Lada (3).

Back in Russia, Nadia worked at a boarding school. She taught fencing, aerobics, yoga and fitness to students, and dance and adult fitness for teachers. At around same time, she was also helping develop the School Readiness Program for the the State Club ‘Lyceum’, during the first year when such programs were offered around the city. Nadia also greatly enjoyed her leadership position in the Youth Outdoor and Travel Center where she was working with teenagers, leading mountaineering trips and organizing educational and social events. In 1998, she was invited to the Israel Educational Center for Russian-Speaking Children.
Besides teaching, Nadia was also a part of a crew working on a new Russian version of the Psychometric Manual published by the Center.

In 1999 Nadia and her husband Mikhail made the decision to leave Russia. In Canada, along with music teacher Jody Stark, Nadia designed preschool program "MusiMatics" built upon concepts in, as the title suggests, both music and math. The idea was that young children can easily absorb difficult and abstract concepts if they are exposed to them in the right way.

Nadia has an MS degree in education from Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow, Russia). As a licensed educator in Alberta, she is actively involved with the Home-Based Learning Association of Alberta and the Alberta Junior Forest Wardens.

Nadia's current activities lie in the area of alternative child-led education approaches. She is well familiar with such systems as Montessori, Waldorf, Project Approach, Thomas Jefferson Education and Life Learning. She works at the Independent Center for Integrative Education in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.